It’s hot and summery – time for a good book!

There is still time to turn in your summer reading list and to pick up your prizes.

Many thanks to all who helped make the Corinth Free Library’s Book Sale a success. Thanks to all who donated books (stored since pre-COVID) as well as all who came and bought from us.

Thanks to all our helpers:  Amy Fasulo, Michael Hadfield, Dave Fasulo, Dan Fasulo, Jane Kribs, Jane Pingelski, Josh Lytle, Alison Toth, Cathy Lozier, Mo Kelly, Alson Pitkin, Marty Cernek, Amanda Steen, Franklin Bennek, Jen Palumbo, Marie Lytle, Addy Byron, Tyson Byron, Emma Mackey, Lloyd Murdoch and the American Legion Tent Crew. 

Thanks to Shawn Eggleston and the Town of Corinth for help cleaning up, to Corinth Central School for the use of their tables, to Stewart’s for ice cream certificates, and to the American Legion # 533 for the loan of the tents.

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