2019 April Librarian’s Report

Correspondence – Letter re Shirley M Gardner Trust – action needed.

Personnel – Lily Battista has been doing community service for Honor Society.

1st Quarter programs – Story Time, Board Games – many thanks to CCS and Mrs. Shippee at the Elementary School for their help in bussing students here for game days, Science Mondays, Take Your Child to the Library Day, jigsaw puzzle, Youth Craft kits. We held 21 programs with total attendance of 190.

Upcoming programs – Story time, Science Mondays, Tick & Lyme Disease prevention – 4/12, History Night – 4/15, Star Wars Day, Aromatherapy – 5/13, Town Fun Day in June, Summer Reading Program will start in June.


  • NYS Bullet Aid grant 2018-2019 $4,000 – @ $1300 encumbered with remainder to be spent before the end of June.
  • Humanities NY Action Grant 2018 – Final payment arrived in March. Grant closed.

SALS & Directors’ Council – SALS annual meeting is set for May 20 at 5pm (hand out reminder cards for board members).  The meeting is at Ft. William Henry in Lake George.  Libraries may be asked to assist with the 2020 Census – probably just making information available.  NYS budget – libraries were left out of the budget and have been advocating to be put back in.  Member bullet aid may very well go away.  Please continue to advocate for libraries.  The ebook vender that BOCES uses allows students to add their public library cards into their account allowing them to check out ebooks from public libraries as well.

Joint Automation Council / computers – Our oldest two computers will be replaced this year as per our replacement schedule.  The annual Joint Automation Agreement needed to be signed before April 1, so Felicia did that.  Our copy is here.  There will be a 3% increase in JA fees for 2020.  All PCs running Windows 7 need to be updated or taken off the network – we have two in this category and they will be replaced at the next group order.  A new printer has been ordered – pricing for printouts should be adjusted.

Friends – The 2019 Book & Bake Sale will be on July 27.  Please mark your calendars.

Maintenance – Dates will be set soon for carpet cleaning and window washing.

Other – CCS vote with our proposition is set for May 21.

            NYS Annual report was submitted on time.  Annual brochure is submitted to the board at this time.  Copies of this will be distributed to town and village officials this week.  Jack at SALS made an infographic with some of our report numbers that we have posted on the bulletin board.

Meetings attended in first quarter 2017:

1/18                 Directors’ Council @ SALS

1/23                 Quipu ecard training @ SALS

2/5                   Webinar – Michael

3/20                 Directors’ Council @ SALS

Old Business:

  • Minimum standards – Plan of Service needs to be community-based.  I will put us on the list of libraries for SALS to help through the process. 
  • Policies and budget will need to be posted on our website.

New business:

  • Sarah Dallas would like to join us at a board meeting again this year.
  • DVD fines – I propose we decrease the fines we charge on DVDs and make them the same as book fines.  Many libraries are going this route, and the reason for the high fines does not exist anymore.  We will need time to change brochures, etc. to reflect the new fines, so I think we should make the change as of July 1.
  • Kanopy – The usage period runs from Aug – Aug.  We have spent 70% of our yearly budget in 7 months.  We are reaching our $500 / year cap so we need to make adjustments.  I propose dropping the allowed number of movies per person per month from 10 to 4 or 5.  I think we should also change the yearly cap to $1000.  The Friends would cover that in their yearly donation.
  • Smoking – NYS law will change June 1st.  The smoke-free zone around entryways will go from 15 feet to 100 feet.  This pretty much means that there is no smoking allowed at all on library property.  We should probably change our policy to being a smoke-free facility. We will need to change our signage.