2019 January Librarian’s Report

Board members – terms up – Lloyd.

Officers for 2019 –      Pres – Felicia Hopkins

                                    VP – Sheri Welch

                                    Sec –  Jane Pingelski

                                    Tres – Lloyd Murdoch

2019 Meetings:

January 8

April 1

July 8

October 7

December 2

Other important dates:

Book Sale – July 27

Regular Meeting:

            Year in Review: 2018 was a busy year for us here at the library and we saw progress on several of our long-term goals.  The Town of Corinth Bicentennial events took place throughout the year and the library participated in or initiated many of these events.  In doing so we hopefully made the library more visible to the community, forged stronger ties with Town Hall, strengthened our ties with the Corinth Museum by using their help with yearlong displays, and helped to encourage interest in Corinth’s history.  In the process we had a great deal of fun.  Our Historical Markers Database has been shared with local officials.

            We partnered with the Hudson River Museum Project and received a grant to present a series of programs about the importance of the Hudson River on our Community.  We also are taking part in the Library Moon Walk grant with several other libraries in the SALS, MVLS, and UHLS.  The goal of this grant is to encourage good health habits and help people find good health information on the Internet.  It runs through the end of April this year.

            We began offering Kanopy, a streaming video service, for our borrowers that has quickly exceeded expectations.

            We have continued reaching out to the community by attending community events as often as possible. 

            Adult attendance at programs was good, but participation in children’s programs continues to be static and is something we will continue to work on.  Other long-term projects that will continue through this year include updating Board Policies and Procedures as well as cleaning out files and storage areas.

Correspondence – Resignation from Jan Frasier,Letter from Bank of America regarding status of the Hawley Miller estate.

Personnel – No changes or issues during this quarter.

4th Quarter programs – Hudson River Programs (5), Wanda Fischer, puzzles, Story Time, Science Monday, Build a Maze (Hometown Holidays).

Upcoming programs – We will continue to be available for Story Time and Science Mondays, Board Game Club, Take Your Child to the Library Day, puzzles, drop in crafts in March.


  • NYS Bullet Aid grant 2017-2018 $4,000 – This is closed with all money spent
  • NYS Bullet Aid grant 2018-2019 $4000 – Money was received 12/31/2018 and should be spent by 6/30.
  • Humanities NY Action Grant 2018 $2200 – The final report was submitted, we should get the remaining $950 at their next pay cycle.

 SALS & Directors’ Council – A copy of SALS budget is available.  SALS is providing grant money to libraries for Continuing Education during 2019.  These may be applied for 3/1/19, 5/31/19, and 9/27/19 and must be used during 2019.  The maximum available is $1,000 / library total for the year.  SALS is researching consolidated anti-harassment training that could be held at SALS or one of the larger libraries that would be more cost effective ($15.53 – $19 / person which should be paid by the library) and make this requirement easier for libraries.  All employees and volunteers need to take this every year.  There is a Directors’ Council meeting scheduled this month; I am sure there will be updates about this at the meeting.

Joint Automation Council / computers – There will be a training session at SALS this month on the Quipu application, which is supposed to be operational this month.  Our oldest printer has run out of ink and been taken offline.  We will order a new printer as well as ordering our yearly two replacement PCs at the next group computer order.  We are hopeful the new printer should have additional capabilities that we are not able to offer currently such as the ability to print directly to the printer via USB, scanning capabilities, and possibly a way for people to print from their phones.  In the meantime, we are using the color printer and only charging the color price for photos and other ink heavy printouts.

Friends – The 2018 annual Book & Bake Sale in July went smoothly netting the Friends $1,884.80.  There was also a small book sale coinciding with the Hometown Holidays event in December at which $139.50 was raised.  The 2019 Book & Bake Sale will be on July 27. 

Maintenance – The furnace has not had maintenance since 12/17.

Tax Cap – The required reporting for this was submitted on 11/6/18 and the amount we are allowed to ask for in 2019 is $61,975.

Meetings attended in fourth quarter 2018:

            10/2/18                        Library Moon Walk training @ CPH

            10/10/18                      Tax Cap Webinar

            12/6/18                        Town of Corinth Board Meeting

Old Business:

            Website update – Jack from SALS has been helping with this and it is nearly ready to be transferred to the other server.  Once that is finished, there will be some updating that we will need to do on our end.

Minimum Standards – the new updated standards must be met by 1/1/21.  Things that were talked about, but are not in the updates, are requirements for continuing education for both staff and trustees.  Staff does need to be provided with technology training annually.

New business:

            ADP – Quote for Worker’s Compensation from ADP affiliated group.

            Updates – Many procedures on daily chores have been updated.  They have been added to a spreadsheet that gives the physical and digital location for them. Michael has also updated procedures that he takes care of, has made them available in written & digital format, and added them to the spreadsheet and folder.

            Board Policies will continue to be looked at and during this year, the board will be asked to help in revising and updating these as necessary.