2019 January Meeting

January 7, 2019 Minutes

President Felicia Hopkins called the meeting to order at 7:19 PM.

Members present:  Lloyd Murdoch, Jane Pingelski, Ken Carter, Sheri Welch, Felicia Hopkins, Franklin Bennek, and Librarian Rebecca Fasulo. 

Minutes of the previous meeting:  Minutes from the Oct. 1st  meeting and the Dec. 3rd Special Meeting were read.  A motion was made by Felicia Hopkins and seconded by Ken Carter to accept the minutes of both meetings.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was read and discussed.  A motion was made by Sheri Welch and seconded by Lloyd Murdoch to approve all paid bills.  A motion was made by Sheri Welch and seconded by Jane Pingelski to accept the 2019 Budget and treasurer’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.      

Librarian’s Report:  The Librarian’s report was presented with highlights as follows: 

  • Year in Review
  • Annual Book & Bake Sale on July 27.

                                    See attachment for complete librarian’s report

A motion was made by Ken Carter and seconded by Franklin Bennek to accept the librarian’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Old Business: 

     1.  Minimum Standards:  New updated standards must be met by 1/1/21.  Things that were talked about, but are not in the updates, are the requirements for continuing education for both staff and trustees.  Staff will need to be provided with technology training annually

     2.  Website update:  Jack from SALS has been helping with updates which are almost ready to upload to the other server.  Once this has been completed, further updating will need to be done on our end.

New Business:

    1.  ADP offered a quote for Worker’s Compensation from an ADP affiliated group.  We will keep our current coverage and not switch to ADP.

    2.  Update on updates:  Many procedures on daily chores have been updated.  They have been added to a spreadsheet that gives the physical and digital location for them.  Michael has also updated procedures that he takes care of, has made them available in written & digital format, and added them to the spreadsheet and folder.

          Board Policies will continue to be looked at during this year.  The board will be asked to help in revising and updating these as necessary.  Becky will e-mail  updates to be reviewed by the Board before the next Board meeting.   

Adjournment:  The motion was made by Lloyd Murdoch and seconded by Ken Carter with all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 PM.

Next two meetings:  Apr.1, July 8