2019 July Librarian’s Report

Correspondence – Signature sheet of JA agreement returned from SALS.

Personnel – Our summer worker is Lily Battista and she’s off to a good start.

2nd Quarter programs – Story Time, Science Mondays, Tick and Lyme Disease awareness of 4/12, Rachel Clothier’s History Night 4/15, Star Wars Day 5/4, Aromatherapy 5/11, Rainbow Nursery, CCS kindergarten and 1st grade classes, Summer Reading Program sign-ups began 6/27.  We did not take part in the Town of Corinth Fun Day this year as it was on a Saturday.  We held 10 programs with a total attendance of 255.

Upcoming programs – Story time, Chasing the Moon – PBS documentary preview 7/1/&7/2, Author talk with Karen Zhang 7/1, Rocket building (beginners 7/11) (advanced 7/12), Global Rocket Launch 7/16, NASA 50th anniversary footage 7/20, Martian Magic Show 7/22, Book Sale 7/27, Science Monday 7/29, Adirondack Place Names 8/5, Summer Reading ends 8/17.  No date yet but Rachel Clothier will be doing another history program tentatively in September.


  • NYS Bullet Aid grant 2018-2019 $4,000 – all encumbered, most received and paid.

SALS & Directors’ Council – From Sara Dallas of SALS.  SALS has changed the provider of our delivery service – this is going very well. On-line anti-harassment training was offered by SALS at a low group rate, which we took advantage of – all staff and volunteers took this during the month of May.

Joint Automation Council / computers

Our new printer is here and working well.  The new prices are in effect.  Our two new computers should be arriving sometime in July or possibly August.

Friends – The Friends are paying for the repair / repainting of the sign out front.  It is back and looks great.  The 2019 Book & Bake Sale will be on July 27.  Morning helpers (to set up tables & label them once the tents are up) should be here about 8:30.  Honor Society students will be here to carry books at 9.  Afternoon helpers should be here about 3 for clean up.

Maintenance – Windows and carpets were cleaned in May.  We have had a little water in the basement – mainly seepage along the bottom edges on the north and south sides of the building.  This is probably due to high water and lots of rain.  Would caulk be an answer?

Other – Our proposition on the School Budget for $61,975 to be collected in 2020 passed – 272-64.

            During the month of September (which is library card sign up month), we are planning to hold one or more sessions at CCS to make or check status of library cards for students.  We will also give information regarding how to add their library card to their school ebook account to offer more options to them.  We are working on the logistics of this.  We will probably have the school send home a permission slip for parents to sign giving their permission for their child/children to have a card with us.  If children are unable to give us all the information that we need, but enough to make a card we will keep the child at new borrower status until they can update the information needed.

Meetings attended in second quarter 2019:

            4/4/19              Summer Reading Workshop @ SALS (Michael)

            4/5/19             JA OP meeting @ SALS

            4/9/19              Customer Service Training @ ACC (Michael)

            4/11/19            Customer Service Training @ SALS (Becky)

            4/23/19            Conflict Resolution Training @ ACC (Michael)

            4/25/19            Conflict Resolution Training @ ACC (Becky)

            4/30/19            Webinar

            5/6/19              Corinth Merchants’ Association

            5/8/19              Program Palooza @ GLE

            5/10/19            Directors’ Council @ SALS

            5/14/19            Webinar

            5/20/19            SALS Annual Meeting

            5/21/19            Elementary Open House (Michael)

            May                 Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training (Becky, Michael, and Jane)

Old Business: 

  • New No Smoking signs are in place. As per the requirements, all entrances (whether used by the public or not) must have a No Smoking notice posted.  All employees have been advised of this new law and both employees are designated to enforce the ban.
    • Resolution – to make a change in the General Operations Policy Section 5 Buildings and Grounds: adding – No smoking is allowed in the building at any time.  Smoking is prohibited as per NYS Law within 100 feet of all entryways.
  • National Voter Registration Day 9/24/19 –the League of Women Voters will again be here to answer questions and help people register to vote.  If this falls through, they will provide a display and materials on how to register.
  • Kanopy – Our yearly cap has been changed from $500 to $1000 and unless usage skyrockets we should be able to stay below that.  We kept the number of movies allowed at 10 at their suggestion.  Our average usage per month is $47.  Additionally Kanopy has made changes to the way the Great Courses and children’s programing is charged with the charge increasing but including viewing for the entire month in those areas.
  • DVD fines – changes have been made in the Polaris system and went into effect as of July 1.  Signs are up regarding the change to the number of dvds that each person may check out.
    • Resolution – to make change in the General Operatons Policy Section 7 Circulation Policies:  changing the paragraph on fines to read – Fines for overdue materials will be 10 cents a day per item for all adult and young adult materials, 5 cents a day per item for all juvenile materials, up to $1 per item returned in good shape.  Items damaged will be charged a price commensurate with the extent of the damage not to exceed the cost of the item.  Items not returned will be billed for the replacement cost of the item.  Never shall the charge exceed the value of the material. 
  • Printing costs:  A change needs to be made to the Computer Policy to reflect the new printing costs.
    • Resolution – to change the Computer Policy Section 10 to read – Printing costs are 10¢ per page per side.  Full color printouts are 25¢ per page per side.

New business:

  • Wooden Display Unit – This unit downstairs has been replaced by a six-shelf unit and is no longer needed.  Are there outside uses for this?  Or would someone be able to use it as is or for the wood?  It will need to be moved from the basement.
  • Recycle Electronics to be recycled – old printer, various peripherals.