2020 July Librarian’s Report

Where we are now – Since our last meeting on June 1st: staff has been working inside the building beginning June 4, curbside and sidewalk pickup began on June 22 and has been going smoothly.

Personnel – Michael and I have been quite busy staging pickups, cleaning, making calls, etc.  Jane, our volunteer is not working yet.  The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) may still happen this year but will be on a shorter time frame with fewer hours if it happens.  We have been assured that we would have last year’s worker Lily if the program proceeds.  Because Lily has worked and volunteered with us for several years, I feel comfortable enough in her work capabilities and her ability to follow safety rules to have her work with us this summer.

2nd Quarter programs – All suspended.  We did post a few things on Facebook for people to do, scavenger hunts and things like that, but there is really no way to follow through with numbers except for likes and shares.  It’s also very hard to print out data from Facebook.

Upcoming programs – The Summer Reading Program will go on with modifications.  We expect numbers will be down this year.  After people sign-up they will keep their own reading list and will turn it in by August 22.  There will be no indoor programs.  Rocket launches are a possibility.  We are looking into the possibility of doing something at CCS during their Summer Lunch program…perhaps a story time or reading of some kind, a book talk, and/or a handout of free books taken from our donations.

SALS & Directors’ Council – I attended the SALS Annual Meeting, which was held virtually.  SALS staff have been very proactive in helping libraries work through opening plans.  The Directors’ Council has been meeting weekly online and that has been a big help in planning.

Joint Automation Council / computers – Our two new computers are at SALS I believe and should be arriving here sometime in July or possibly August.  The UPS (uninterrupted power supply) on our computer center died and was replaced by JA.

Friends – Book sale helpers have been called regarding the cancelling of the sale this year.

Maintenance – Windows and carpets were cleaned in early May. 

Other – Our proposition on the School Budget for $63,954 to be collected in 2021 passed – 861-345.  Our Annual Report Brochure has been printed and copies were sent to the Town Board, Village Board, and the CCS superintendent.

Meetings attended in second quarter 2020:

            I attended weekly online Directors’ Council meetings in April, May and June.  I also attended weekly online Start-Up Committee meetings in April, May, and June.  Michael and I had bi-weekly staff meetings during that time as well.  Michael attended three online children’s services meetings chaired by Jack Scott at SALS.  In May, Michael, Jane and I did the required Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training online.

            Additional workshops:

  •             4/9       Maximize engagement workshop online
  •             4/16     Library Love Fest book reviews online
  •             4/28     Library Love Fest book reviews online
  •             5/8       Fall Books webinar
  •             5/11     Online meeting of SALS staff and several librarians with Congresswoman Stefanik
  •             5/28     Library Journal daylong online conference
  •             5/29     New book webinar

Old Business: 

  • Census – There is still time to encourage people to fill out the Census if they have not yet done so.
  • Farm2Library – No news.
  • Harriet Hawley Miller Trust – All paperwork was submitted.  No news.
  • Pandemic – Smooth start to curbside / sidewalk pickup (phase 2)
    • We are working on ideas to increase circulation: book bundles, photos of new items online, virtual services are also still being used
    • Keys for 2 board members (Lloyd & Cathy) have been given out, instructions & extra keys are here as well
    • Building inspector measured – our occupancy is 36
    • Supplies update – Plexiglas is back ordered and due in either 7/7 or 7/14; we will need more liquid hand soap eventually. 
    • We received recommendations from JA regarding cleaning & disinfecting of PCs.  They recommend keyboard covers.  We can try using liquid (not gel) hand sanitizer if rubbing alcohol is still scarce.
    • There are ongoing discussions regarding building air circulation / ventilation and virus spread.  UV filtrations is recommended on HVAC systems
    • Our insurance agent was contacted regarding our reopening plan.  We are good there.
    • The WIFI lawn sign from Debbie Stollery is out front.  A thank you was sent.
    • The Board needs to pass a resolution to allow the director to make changes to the safety plan as needed.
    • Changes / adjustments to the safety plan

New business:

  • Bedrock Mason Worx – Quote for work on ramp and other cement work.
  • Street number – There are no street numbers on the front of our building.
  • Age Friendly Saratoga County – County looking to get certified as such by AARP.  This would benefit agencies in the county (including us) and make some grants easier to get.