2022 January 10 Business Meeting Minutes

President Franklin Bennek called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

Library Director Rebecca Fasulo facilitated the meeting as it was held virtually and in person.

Members present:  Lloyd Murdoch, Jane Pingelski, Cathy Lozier, and Librarian Rebecca Fasulo.  Felicia Hopkins and Franklin Bennek attended virtually.   

Minutes of the previous meeting:  Minutes from the Oct. 4th meeting and Dec.6th Special Meeting were read.  A motion was made by Lloyd Murdoch and seconded by Cathy Lozier to accept the minutes. The motion was carried with all in favor.    

Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was read and discussed.  A motion was made by Lloyd Murdoch and seconded by Jane Pingelski to approve all paid bills.  The motion was carried with all in favor.  A motion was made by Franklin Bennek and seconded by Felicia to accept the 2022 Budget and treasurer’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.      

Librarian’s Report:  The Librarian’s report was presented with highlights as follows: 

  • Four craft kit take and make programs were completed
  • Book Sale on July 30th, pandemic permitting

A motion was made by Felicia Hopkins and seconded by Franklin Bennek to accept the librarian’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Old Business: 

Pandemic – Saratoga County, as well as most of the country, is currently seeing another surge of high community transmission.  NYS has enacted a mask mandate and extended it until February 1.  It is possible that this may be extended further. 

We have neatened up the computer area and made the staff only part of that smaller. 

  • We have made some slight changes to the Safety Plan that reflect current usage (see attachment for Phase 4A).  The board should officially approve these changes. 

RESOLVED, By the Board of Trustees of the Corinth Free Library that the changes made to Phase 4A of the Pandemic Safety Plan, as presented, is hereby adopted.    

Motion is made by:  Felicia Hopkins and seconded by Cathy Lozier. 

Those in favor:   Lloyd Murdoch, Jane Pingelski, Felicia Hopkins, Cathy Lozier,

                           Franklin Bennek.

Those against:  None 

Motion carried with all in favor.

Strategic Plan – This was approved at the December meeting.  To get started the board should appoint one or more board members to serve on a committee to get the goal 1 WIFI seating project underway (appointed Franklin Bennek) as well as a member to serve on the committee to work on goal 2 to start working on the first part of that goal – making the library a more welcoming environment (appointed Cathy Lozier).

Trustee Training: 

The law requiring Trustee Training of 2 hours per year goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.  Some of you took advantage of the Trustee Handbook book club last year.  This is being run again this year with more dates and topics available (See schedule below.)  Certifications, etc. are to be kept in a central location (the library).  I will start a folder and when you attend a training session you can send me your certificate or other verification and I will put it in the folder.  If the board would rather designate a trustee to keep track of this that would be fine; I would only need to verify the information while doing the annual state report. 

Also the Trustee Handbook Book Club After Party recording is live on Mid-Hudson’s website (https://midhudson.org/trusteebookclub/). In this recording, Rebekkah and Jerry tackle some of the remaining questions from the first three sessions.    

Dates for the first half of 2022 have been scheduled. You must register to attend these virtual programs.  Questions can be submitted ahead of time. 

Trustee Handbook Book Club Schedule - All Tuesdays, all from 5-6:30pm 

January 18  |  Topic: Budgets & Finance  

Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hO8JVTXTbax4XJ8EUxgLQ  

February 22  |  Topic: Facilities  
Registration link: 


March 29  |  Topic: Policies & Risk Management  
Registration link: 


April 19  |  Topic: Ethics & Conflicts of Interest + Intellectual Freedom, Censorship and Privacy  


link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TFxfAFS9Rz-OSk–iswhQw  


May 3  |  Topic: Planning & Evaluation  

Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1JWbEj6VTdehLvoaI6sd7w  


June 14  |  Topic: PR & Advocacy    

Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0EUGOkzlQ3uDPK-qjyOXFA  

Juneteenth – June 19th was designated as a Federal holiday.  Will the library observe this?  If yes, how – close for the day, or remain open but let staff take a floating holiday in that month? 

Motion was made by Lloyd Murdoch and seconded by Felicia Hopkins to treat Juneteenth as a federal holiday and close the library for that day.

Motion was carried with all in favor. 

Library birthday – The library will turn 100 in 2026 (or 2027 depending on when you consider its “birth”).  A board committee should decide when and how to celebrate this milestone.  I don’t think we want to let it pass without some acknowledgement. 

New business: 

Door lock replacements – Arnoff Delivery service has said that reimbursement checks for our door lock/key replacements will go out in the mail on Monday 1/10/22. 

IRS notice – IRS sent a notice saying that they did not receive Form 990.  Lloyd immediately sent in a hard copy.  Will check to see if we are required to submit it electronically and how to do so.

Board members – Board member, Sheri Welch, has resigned.  We need to fill her vacancy and should recruit one more member to be sure we have a quorum. 

Insurance inspection: 

An insurance inspector came and took pictures 1/6/22. 


Adjournment:  The motion was made by Felicia Hopkins and seconded by Jane Pingelski with all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 7:58 PM.

Next two meetings:   Apr. 11, July 11