2022 January 10 Librarian’s Report

Personnel – Michael has recovered from his surgery and has finished his PT.

4th Quarter programs – We are exploring ways to safely do programing in-house.  Downstairs programing will be greatly helped by purchasing an air purifier (part of goal 2 of our strategic plan).  We had four craft kit programs, a book give-away and hand sanitizer give-away during Hometown Holidays, and a book sale during the Fall Festival.  Farm2Library continued through the end of October with the last of the food being taken by the end of November–we will resume in the spring, probably April. 

Upcoming programs – We have more take and make programs set up for the first quarter of the year.  We are also working on plans for Summer Programing.

SALS & Directors’ Council –SALS has a new financial clerk.  SALS has discontinued continuing education grants for member libraries and will use those funds to provide training opportunities in other ways.  Facilities upgrade grants will begin this year.  SALS is exploring the idea of a Human Library (possibly virtual) in our system.  Overdrive is having an issue after a recent software upgrade.  This is preventing older Apple devices from using the service.  They are supposedly working on the issue.  IRS mileage for 2022 is $.585 / mile.  Patron self-registration will be launching in the first quarter of ’22.  Saratoga County okayed continuing money for county-wide e-book support. 

Joint Automation Council / computers –Fees will change in 2023.  Additionally, beginning this year libraries will pay for their Internet Access fees directly to their provider.  We are not affected as we currently receive free Internet service through Spectrum. 

Friends – We are still not taking book donations right now.  The goal was to resume taking donations at some time last fall.  Despite a few small sales and several book giveaways the sale room is still pretty full.  I can’t see taking donations until after we can have a normal sale.  The Book Sale will be scheduled for Saturday July 30.  There is a high likelihood of a small sale during the Fall Festival (if there is one this year) and a children’s book giveaway during the Hometown Holidays.

Maintenance –Furnace was serviced in October.  Clearview will only be doing windows as of this year.  If we want to continue to have the front porch entry cleaned that part of the business is now owned by Joel Byron (brother of John).  Shall I contact him for this?  It made a huge difference in the appearance of the front of the building.

Meetings attended in fourth quarter 2021 (all were virtual):

  • 10/15               Director’s Council                                         
  • 10/18               HR webinar                                                   
  • 12/2                 webinar                                                          
  • 12/9                 webinar
  • 12/16               webinar
  • 12/17               Director’s Council