2023 January Business Meeting Minutes

President Franklin Bennek called the meeting to order at 7:11 PM.

Members present:  Jane Pingelski, Franklin Bennek, Cathy Lozier, Emma Mackey, Mo Kelly, and Librarian Rebecca Fasulo

Lloyd Murdoch has informed the Board of his resignation.  A card was signed by board members and library director expressing our deep appreciation for his 40 years of serving on the board, serving as treasurer, as well as all around handyman and Mr. Fixit when needed.  He will be greatly missed!

Minutes of the previous meeting:  Minutes from the Oct. 3rd meeting were read by board members prior to the meeting.  A motion was made by Franklin and seconded by Cathy L. to accept the minutes.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was read and discussed.  It was noted that budgeted amounts were very close to actual spending.  A motion was made by Mo and seconded by Franklin to approve all paid bills.  The motion was carried with all in favor.  A motion was made by Jane and seconded by Emma to accept the 2023 Budget and the treasurer’s report, pending possible changes after numbers are rechecked.  The motion was carried with all in favor. 

Librarian’s Report:  The Librarian’s report was presented with highlights as follows: 

  • Take and make craft kits have proven to be very popular
  • Magazines are now available on Overdrive

                                     See attachment for complete librarian’s report

A motion was made by Cathy and seconded by Mo to accept the librarian’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Old Business: 

Strategic Plan – committee reports:

Michael/Franklin/Mo:  Franklin is going to Carl Dearborn with plans.  Estimated cost is no more than $20,000.  The Town is willing to install, pour slab, and move sign.

Library & services:  Possibly replace water fountain with a more hygienic model that would fill water bottles.

Trustee Training:

The law requiring Trustee Training of 2 hours per year went into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.  Certifications, etc. are to be kept in a central location (the library).  On SALS website (under For Members and Staff) there are links to free training opportunities.  These may include recordings of workshops that have gone by – by watching the recording that would fulfill the requirement as if you had attended it live.  Becky has a folder and when we attend a training session we can send her our certificate or other verification and she will put it in the folder.  She needs to verify the information while doing the annual state report.

Materials and Selection Policy:  Becky is in the process of updating it. 

Library birthday – The library will turn 100 in 2026 (or 2027 depending on when you consider its “birth”).  A board committee should decide when and how to celebrate this milestone.  Becky doesn’t think we want to let it pass without some acknowledgement.

New Business:

Fax Fees:  After a discussion, a motion was made by Franklin and seconded by Cathy L. to reduce fees only for faxes sent to social services to $1 for 1 page, $2 for 2-10 pages, and $5 for 10+ pages.  All other fax fees would remain the same.  Motion was carried with all in favor.

Cyber Insurance:  This is a special insurance policy to cover any hacking or ransomware attacks and the fallout from that.  SALS and JA will be getting a policy, but they cannot legally get a policy that will cover all the libraries.  We are being encouraged to get our own policy though at this time they are not requiring it of us.  We do not have to go with the company that they choose.  Multi-Factor Authentication is often required by insurance companies in order for us to get his type of policy.  This often involves a code being sent to anyone logging on to the email and circulation systems.  Becky is not comfortable with her phone being used for this.  There is another option of a key/fob that the code is sent to instead.  There may be an additional cost from JA for this.

Cathy L. will get quotes for cyber insurance for different amount of coverage for us to discuss at the next meeting.

NYSERDA:  NYSERDA is offering energy audits.  It will cost $100.  A motion was made by Mo and seconded by Emma to approve applying for this audit by NYSERDA.

JA:  The yearly review and signature is required at this time.  As Board President, Franklin will sign.

Adjournment:  The motion was made by Cathy L. and seconded by Mo with all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 8:19 PM.

Next two meetings:  April 3, July 10