2021 October 4 Librarian’s Report

Personnel – I have sent in the paperwork for the Summer Worker Program.  Michael has been vaccinated.  I had my first shot in late March, second shot will be in mid-April.  Jane Kribs has done a few volunteer hours with us, but is not working on a schedule at this time.  She will be helping with food pickups when Farm2Library starts back up.

1st Quarter programs – In person programming is still suspended.  We did a take-away craft kit in February.

Upcoming programs – We hope to have another craft take-away.  We are working on setting up a couple of book giveaways: one at the Senior Center and possibly one at the Elementary School. We are also working on the Summer Reading Program.  Much will depend on whatever restrictions are in place due to COVID.

SALS & Directors’ Council – SALS annual meeting is set for May 17 at 7pm and will be virtual.  The state budget is currently being worked on.  Proposed cuts would bring libraries back to 1980s levels.  Only 15% of the 20% that was held back from state aid in 2020 will be refunded.  The Federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 included a large allocation for libraries.

Joint Automation Council / computers – We have ordered two new computers as we do every year.  We are replacing our desk computer and the laptop as they are among the oldest and most heavily used that we own.  Prices have crept up over the last couple of years and next year we should probably add another $500 to our budget for computer replacement.  We did not exceed our budget this year, but next year we will also have to replace a monitor.  At the January JA meeting it was proposed that there be no increases in fees for 2022.  Also, because 2020 data was skewed due to COVID they are using the 2019 data to compute 2022 fees.

Friends – We are not sure yet if we will attempt to have a book sale.  Distancing would be impossible during set-up, the sale, and teardown.  We still don’t have our book sorter in the building.  We are still not taking donations. I am exploring the idea of having a couple of small one-day sales like those that Crandall Library did last year.  Crandall Library is not having their regular sales this year and will probably repeat what they last year.  If any of you are willing to help out with one or more small sale please let me know.

Maintenance – Clearview cleaned the front porch area on April 9 and did a beautiful job.  They are not charging us for this.  The windows will be washed on April 12.  We have not set up carpet cleaning yet.

Other – I believe theCCS vote with our proposition is set for May 18.  I haven’t heard any indication that the vote would be postponed.  NYS Annual report was submitted on time.  Annual brochure is submitted to the board at this time.  Copies of this will be distributed to town and village officials as soon as possible.  Jack at SALS made an infographic with some of our report numbers that will be posted on the bulletin board and on our website.

Meetings attended in first quarter 2021 (all are virtual):

  • 1/13                 Directors Council
  • 2/5                   Webinar
  • 2/9                   Webinar (Michael)
  • 2/9                   Webinar
  • 2/11                 Directors Council
  • 2/26                 Library Advocacy Day
  • 3/2                   Planning workshop #1
  • 3/9                   Census workshop
  • 3/22                 SALS plan of service workshop
  • 3/30                 Planning workshop #2

Old Business: 

NYLA – Our first full year of organizational membership has been set up.  We will be billed through SALS.  NYLA is adding a trustee association section (Library Trustees Association LTA) – this would be an additional charge if you wanted to add it to our account.

Farm2Library – We started up on April 1.  It is going great so far. We changed the pickup day to Thursday when the library is open in order to make it easier on staff and volunteers to access the building.  Jane may be helping with pickups once a month when she is available.  The Rockwell Falls Library in Luzerne has joined the program and we are alternating pickups with one person picking up for both libraries every other week.  We may be able to get other volunteers to pick up food for us.

Harriet Hawley Miller Trust –It looks like there will be one more smaller payment at an undisclosed time when they close out that account.

Pandemic – By the end of April, both staff will be fully vaccinated.  If there are no surges before then we will move on to Phase 4 of our plan.  That is the final step before returning to “normal”.  This will open up more space for browsing, and we will allow use of the Children’s Room by appointment.  We are now quarantining returns for 48 hours instead of 96.  This may decrease or go away altogether soon as the CDC has decided the risk of transmission from objects is remote.  Questions for when the pandemic is over:shall we go back to charging overdue fines, or should we do away with them permanently as many libraries have? (Lost item and damage fines would remain as is.)  Should we continue with our COVID schedule of hours (taking away the reserved cleaning time and giving the public access for all hours) or revert to our old schedule?  It is looking as though mask wearing and social distancing will continue to be important at least into the Fall. I can see there being the need to add another phase that would allow patrons full access to the building again, but necessitate us keeping masking and distancing rules in place as well as providing some safety measures for the computer area and for use at the tables.

New business:

JA Agreement – Board needs to approve and Franklin needs to sign.

Paychex – Proposal from Paychex to switch to them for payroll.

Policy changes – The following policies were emailed to you with changes that are needed highlighted:

  • Petty Cash
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Financial Accounts Policy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Adjustment to Working Conditions and Benefits due to NYS new paid sick leave law

Strategic Plan – This is now required to be “community based” and this changes how we have to put it together.  It must be done by a committee consisting of at least: the director, a staff member, a board member, and one or more community members.  It is quite likely that the board may need to have a special meeting(s) to get through the process on time.  Ideally, we would want to be finished in time for the board to approve the plan at the October meeting.