July 2022 Business Meeting Minutes

President Franklin Bennek called the meeting to order at 7:24 PM.

Members present: Lloyd Murdock, Franklin Bennek, Cathy Lozier, Emma Mackey, Mo Kelly, and Librarian Rebecca Fasulo

Minutes of the previous meeting: Minutes from the 4/11/22 meeting were read. A motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Emma to accept the minutes. The motion was carried by all in favor.

Cathy made a motion to accept Pam Shippee’s resignation. Mo seconded it, and the motion was carried by all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was read and discussed. Mo made a motion to approve all paid bills and seconded by Franklin. The motion carried with all in favor.  A motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Mo to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion was carried with all in favor.

Notes from treasurer’s report:

  • Retirement: This has been set up for the year and will be reflected on the next treasurer’s report.
  • Workers comp and disability have been paid
  • Mary Potter Farr was paid for her services under the maintenance section
  • SALS is paid ahead a month
  • Fuel was $5.30 per gallon this time (less than before)

Librarian’s report: The Librarian’s report was presented with highlights as follows:

  • See correspondence and news re: the Post Star and Michael’s note.
  • No one showed up to the River Jack Z concert. However, we paid him and he will return when we have an audience (perhaps Rainbow Nursery). Mo suggested that Becky connect with Lorraine Tefft of the Town of Corinth Youth Commission re: River Jack Z.
  • Author talks: one confirmed with Brian Farr on 8/8, and one possible talk with Steve Burke (TBD). They are both originally from Corinth.
  • We may not be able to get student volunteers from the National Junior Honor Society for the book sale due to a change in school policy regarding our ability to get student contact information.
  • Lloyd will set up the canopies at 8:00 am on the day of the event and asked about weather cancellations, so he has time to prepare. Becky said she will connect with Lloyd a few days prior. Cathy will come around 9:00 am to help, and Mo will also be volunteering and will bring others. Amanda Steen and Marty Cernek organized the book room in anticipation of the book sale.
  • Becky brought up a possible collaboration with the Saratoga, Corinth, & Hudson railroad.

A motion was made by Lloyd and seconded by Cathy to accept the librarian’s report.  The motion was carried with all in favor.

Old business:

  • See report re: NYS executive order being extended.
  • Strategic plan: The library received a $6,000 grant from the Saratoga County COVID relief fund and $5,000 from the village of Corinth for the WIFI hut. That will cover $11,000 of the $20,000 toward the hut. Becky thinks that Friends of the Library, or the library, could also put some money toward it. Mo suggested we call the company to see if they can cut us a deal. Someone also asked if we could approach the town for funds. The town is already donating the labor to put the WIFI shelter up. Cathy also suggested looking at Economic Recovery Credit (ERC) grants. While the remaining $9,000 is sorted out, the board agreed to move forward and order the WIFI hut.
    • Motion: Mo made a motion to order the WIFI hut and pay $20,000 out of the special CD to get reimbursed as funds come in from donating organizations. This motion was seconded by Franklin and carried by all in favor.
  • New furniture: Becky shared that they have reviewed the options for new furniture and will purchase seating that holds up to 400 pounds.
  • Mary Potter Farr helped file form 990 and will help in the future.
  • CCS Budget vote: Our budget proposition passed.

New business

  • New open rules process: Becky shared that in order to allow virtual attendance at board meetings, the board would have to define what “extraordinary circumstances” are, then create a resolution and have a public hearing. A quorum will still be needed in person. The board members indicated that they don’t want to pursue this.
  • Censorship: there are lots of attempts at censorship in public libraries and school libraries nationwide. This is a very coordinated attack on the first amendment. It’s recommended that we tighten up our material collections policy. Becky will revise it and submit it by December. She will also attend a workshop related to this next week.
  • SALS will upgrade the wireless routers for libraries in the system. We don’t have to pay anything but we do have to agree to accept it.
    • RESOLVED, By the Board of Trustees of the Corinth Free Library that the library agrees to participate in the upgrading of the Meraki Routers project as presented by the Southern Adirondack Library System who will be applying for matching funding from the NY State Aid for Library Construction funds.  

Cathy made a motion to approve the resolution and Franklin seconded it. It carried with all in favor.

  • Becky isn’t sure if it’s law yet, but she shared that there is a possibility that Free Association Libraries will be able to tap into the NYS retirement system. If the board wanted to pursue that, we would need to hold board elections (not our current system), and have our budget be part of the public vote (which it already is). It was noted that the library board already provides a retirement benefit. The NYS retirement system would be more expensive. The board didn’t seem interested in pursuing it at this time but could consider it in the future.

Adjournment: The motion was by Lloyd and seconded by all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 8:28pm.

Next two meetings:

October 3

December 5 – Budget workshop