Five Year Plan of Service

2016 – 2021


1.  Raise Awareness in the Community. 

            The Library will make every effort to increase the Library’s profile in the community.  The Library will participate in the Town of Corinth’s Bicentennial, both in planning and in execution.  The Library will explore sponsoring a “Little Free Library” to be placed in the community food pantry.  The Library will explore working with Sher Millis to have a mural project using the ramp as a canvas.

2.  Foster a closer relationship with the Corinth Central School District. 

            The Library will make every effort to build on its current relationship with the school district and encourage cooperation and support.  To that end the Library will continue to publicize Library events at the school, to participate in the school’s March reading event, and to encourage visits to the library by school groups.  Additionally, the Library will explore taking part in the School’s mini courses.                                 

3. Survey the Community.

            The Library will execute a survey soliciting input from the community.  The survey will be done in both paper and electronic format.

4.  Weeding of files and storage areas.

            The vertical files, storage areas, and work areas of the library will be weeded of unnecessary materials, cleaned and organized.

5.  Bylaws and Policies.

            The board will read through the Bylaws and Operating Policies.  Revisions and additions will be suggested and voted on.  Any updates will be printed out and placed in the Bylaws and Policies folder.