Computer Policy

The Corinth Free Library provides computers that are available for use by the public.  These computers have Internet access, are loaded with office product software, and have printing capabilities.

Policies and rules for public use:

1.  A person must have a valid library card in good standing or a valid ID (preferably with a photo.

2.  All computers are available either by appointment or on a walk-in basis during regular hours.  Computers may be unavailable to the public during special programs, and when staff is running maintenance and diagnostic checks on the machines.

3.  Two people may work at any machine at one time.  Larger groups must request permission from the library director or other library staff. 

4.  Reservations for appointments may be made in advance.  Reservations may be scheduled in one hour time blocks.  All reservations are made at the circulation desk or by calling 654-6913.  The library reserves the right to cancel a person’s reservation if the person does not appear or call within the first 10 minutes of his/her scheduled time.

5. When not reserved in advance, the computers will be available on a walk-in basis in one hour time slots.  When there is no one waiting to use the computers a person may stay on the computer beyond one hour, until someone else needs or wants to use the machine.

6.  Use of the computers must be primarily on a self-serve basis.  Staff is not always available and does not always have the expertise to assist users.  If a problem arises, please notify the staff, and we will do our best to correct the problem.  One to one help is available and needs to be scheduled ahead of time.

8.  Preschoolers must have a parent or other responsible person with them in the Children’s Room at all times to use the computer.

9.  Flash drives and other USB devices such as MP3 players are allowed, however no executable files can be run from these on our machines.  Our computers vary in age and thus in compatibility; not all devices will work on all of our machines.  Only computers with USB ports that are readily accessible (on the front of the machine) are available for this use.

10. Printing costs are 10¢ per page side.  Full color printouts are 25¢ per page.

Updated 7/8/19