Disaster Policy

Insurance Policy information:

            Graphic Arts Ins. – Commercial Package Policy CPP1455239 – Property, .flood, mudslide, inland marine, liability, library protector endorsement.

            Utica Mutual – Workers Compensation Policy 1586468.

            Insurance agent: – Melanie Denno at Community Insurance agencies, Inc. 244 Main St. Corinth 654-9024.

            Copy of policy located – at library in Community Insurance Agencies, Inc. binder on librarian’s desk.

Evacuation plan:

In the event that the library needs to be evacuated during business hours all people in the building will be asked to leave in an orderly fashion using any of the exits.  The staff will offer assistance where needed.  The staff will call for emergency personnel at the earliest convenience.  If there is only one staff member working then the staff member will make sure the building is evacuated before exiting and making the call.  If two or more staff are working, then the director will oversee the evacuation procedure and send a staff member outside to make the call.  At no time are staff to jeopardize their own safety.

            Chain of command:  The decision to evacuate shall be made by the director, or in her absence by the assistant, or in the absence of both by the volunteer who is manning the desk. 

            Escape routes:           Exits are located at the front and rear of the main level.  The rear exit has access to a ramp.  Stairs to the exits from the children’s room are located at the front and rear of the room.  Emergency override for the elevator is located in the Children’s Room near the elevator door.

            Notification of authorities:   The proper authorities will be notified in the case of evacuation.  The 911 call will be made from outside the building by a staff member using the emergency phone on the pole at the front left side of the building.  If this is too close for comfort, the call may be placed from across the street or any nearby building.  Members of the board of trustees (specifically the president and treasurer) will be notified at the earliest opportunity.  Either the director, the board president or the board treasurer will notify the insurance agent at the earliest opportunity.


In case of fire, the building shall be evacuated and the fire department called from outside the building following the above-mentioned plan.

Flood:  Problem areas in the past have included the children’s room and the book-sale storage room.  In the case of high water, all basement rooms should be checked for flooding.  Where necessary and possible, books and other materials in harm’s way should be moved to higher shelves and tables.  When the water recedes if the damage is severe the insurance agent should be notified with clean-up being done by a professional.  In the case of minor flooding, a wet-dry vacuum should be used on carpeted areas.  The building should be aired out by opening windows and doors and using fans to circulate the air.  Lysol or another disinfectant spray should be used to inhibit mold growth and take care of musty odors.

Accidents and health related emergencies:

The severity of the accident will determine what action is to be taken.  If necessary the staff will call for emergency personnel.  An accident report will be filled out by the librarian and signed by all parties involved.  Any reported accident should be brought to the attention of the board at the next meeting or sooner if it is deemed necessary by the staff. 

Electrical failures:

In case of electrical failures, the closing of the library shall be at the discretion of the librarian.  As a guideline:  in warm weather the library may remain open, if the downstairs is too dark it shall be closed.  In cold weather if the power is off for more than one half hour the library may close.  Emergency lights are located in the Children’s room and near the front exit.  Staff will notify SALS technical services of the power outage.

Weather emergencies:

During weather emergencies the library shall be closed at the discretion of the librarian.  As a guideline, look to the closing of other local businesses, schools, and government offices to make this decision.

In the case of snow, if the librarian has to shovel (the shoveler has not appeared before opening) the library may remain closed until s/he has the front entrance cleared.

Security situation:


In the case of theft or break-in the village police shall be notified.  The board president and treasurer shall be notified by telephone and the full board notified at the next meeting.  Insurance agent will be notified if necessary

Problem patrons, code of behavior:

Patrons causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the building.  If a patron refuses to leave, the village police will be called.  If necessary the call may be placed from outside the building.  Staff may evacuate the building if they feel that there is a threat to other people.

No food or drink will be allowed in the building except that provided during special programs.  The staff is exempt from this regulation as there is no staff room for meals or breaks.  No bare feet are allowed in the building.  No wet swimsuits are to be worn in the building.  (Patrons are to be properly attired.)  The Code of Conduct should be displayed near the bulletin boards.

Adopted 04/01/2002