Hudson River Room Use Policy

The Hudson River Room is located in the basement of the Corinth Free Library and is available for computer use, tutoring, or quiet study.  This room is available for use by anyone in grades 7 and above with a library card in good standing.  Persons younger than grade 9 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Rules governing use:

1.  A person must have a valid Corinth Free Library card, be in the 7th grade or above and have no delinquencies attached to their card.

2.  The Hudson River Room must be used during regular library hours and is available either by reservation, or on a walk-in basis 1/2 hour after opening to 1/2 hour before closing.  The room may be available the first 1/2 hour and last 1/2 hour of business at the discretion of the librarian

3.  In order to serve as many as possible:

                Reservations can be made for 1 or 2 hour time blocks, no more than 1 month in advance.

                The library reserves the right to limit the number of times an individual may reserve or use the Hudson River Room. (E.g., 2 advance reservations / week, no more than 2 hrs / day / person.)

4.  No more than 2 people may use the room at one time.  Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the librarian.

5.  The Hudson River Room must be left in a clean and orderly condition.  The library will not be responsible for loss of materials or equipment left in this room.

6.  Food and beverages are not allowed in the Hudson River Room.

7.  Smoking is not allowed.

8.  The key to the room is kept at the circulation desk at all times.  Staff are not to be denied access to the shelves in this room at any time; however, staff will not enter the room when it is occupied unless absolutely necessary.

9.  The Corinth Free Library reserves the right to cancel or suspend use of the Hudson River Room to anyone or any group who violates these rules or for any other reasonable reason.

10.  Anyone wishing to use the library’s computer must comply with the Internet Use Policy.

Reviesed 03/15/2016