Read Down Your Fines Policy

This fine reduction policy is for youth below age 18.  This program is intended to help children and young adults reduce their library fees so that they can continue to use their library card.  This program also helps the child or young adult learn a sense of responsibility while developing their reading skills.

For every ½ hour that a child or young adult reads individually, is read to, or reads to someone else $1.00 may be waived from existing fines.  The reading must occur in the Corinth Free Library.

Rules for Read Down Your Fines:

  1. Patron must be a youth under age 18
  2. Patron must be a Corinth Free Library patron
  3. Fine must be from Corinth Free Library
  4. Only Overdue fines may be read down
  5. Reduction of $1 for every ½ hour read
  6. Reading must take place in the Corinth Free Library
    1. May read independently
    1. May read to another person
    1. May be read to

Procedure for Read Down Your Fines:

  1. A Read Down Your Fines notebook will be kept at the circulation desk.  Information to be entered will consist of:  Name, card #, Start time, end time, and amount of fine waived.
  2. When a patron asks to “Read Down My Fine” enter the necessary information in the RDYF notebook.  Give the patron a timer set for 30 minutes and have them return it to the desk when they are finished.
    1. Reading must be done in 30-minute increments.
    1. When waiving fine in Polaris please add “Read Down” in the note field
  3. Overdue fines owed must be over $1 to participate in this program.  Only overdue fines may be read down.  (Please take care when waiving the fine.)

Adopted 07/11/2016