Where has the summer gone??!!  We don’t know, but now that it’s gone we’ll be returning to our regular hours (right after Labor Day.)  From Tuesday the 5th our schedule is:  Monday – 11-5 & 7-8:30; Tuesday – 11-5 & 7-8:30; Thursday – 11-5 & 7-8:30; Friday – 9:30-4; Saturday 10-4.  As always we are closed on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Tuesday 9/12 at 1pm – Sue Garnett will be here talking about a project of the Historical committee of the Corinth Bicentennial.  The committee is gathering information for a book commemorating the Town of Corinth.  The book will contain past and present photographs honoring the town and its people.  Photographs will include a link to “Story Corps” (a digital archive) to capture and preserve the voices of our rural community through digital storytelling.  Come to this informational session to learn what it’s all about and how you can participate.

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