The Summer Reading Program is Over

Our summer reading program was a big success. We had 50 readers who read 580 books, we had 12 successful rocket launches, and our special events were “super” fun. Thanks to everyone who helped us out, to all our readers, and to all who shot rockets into the sky. We won’t use names here, but we broke several records this summer! If you were unable to attend the wrap-up party, we’ll hold on to your prizes until Labor Day (If you need longer, let us know.) Special thanks to the The Team (Michael, Becky, Sara and Beckah): You made it happen!

Keep this in mind! Even if you missed the Rocket Contest, we still have a number of kits left, and 2 launch pads! We will fly as long as weather permits!

And even though the Summer Reading Program is over, summer is still here. So there’s a few more weeks of summer hours (until after Labor Day) with lots of time for reading.

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