Upheaval in January

The week of January 11-16 we will be replacing the rug in the Children’s Room and putting new tile in the bathroom. This will lead to a bit of upheaval here during that week. The work in the bathroom will take place on Wednesday the 13th while we are closed, so that should not be a problem. However, the downstairs will need to be closed for most of the week to allow for moving of materials out, replacement of the rug, and moving of materials back into the Children’s Room. The main floor of the library will remain open (baring any unforseen complications.) Some children’s materials will be moved upstairs for the week and will be available during that time. Children’s programs scheduled for the week will go on as usual, but will be held on the main floor of the library.
***Additionally, because the public printer in located in the basement it will be unreachable at the end of the week (Thursday through Saturday) and printing from the public computers may be affected.
***Monday January 18th we are closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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