April 2022

The Library Board will meet Monday April 11 at 7pm. Anyone wishing to attend virtually or to view materials that will be presented at the meeting should contact the library.

The Farm 2 Library program has restarted. Produce will be available at the library on Thursdays until it is gone. We are usually stocked by noon. Photos of the week’s selection are posted on our Facebook account once we are stocked.

Mask and new guidance from CDC

The CDC has recently changed how it calculates community transmission of COVID 19 and adjusted its guidance accordingly. Our Safety Policy directs us to follow CDC guidance therefore Facemasks are now optional in the library. However, facemasks are still required in the Children’s Room until we are able to install an air purification system there. Additionally staff will continue to wear facemasks when engaging with the public.

People with symptoms, or who are positive for COVID 19, or who have been exposed to COVID 19 should wear a facemask.